Personal Growth project – week 2


In the last update I’ve mentioned that I felt that, although I have started to feel a lot more productive (by doing and achieving more tasks), I felt I clearly needed more structure, simpler plans and more time for stepping back and thinking about projects and goals to ensure that I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Doing so should make my work more effective!


I will tell you about my plans for blogging today. For weeks I couldn’t decide how often I want to post my blogs. I decided on creating a schedule that would make me feel organised. I’d like to post blogs in this order:

  • Productive Mondays (a lot of useful science, tips, techniques and experiments I’m learning about or using in practice)
  • Happy Wednesdays (a series of blog posts about happiness and wellbeing; a lot of interesting facts!)
  • Weekends with Personal Development (updates with regard to my Personal Growth project, research, ideas for improvements etc.)

I have a few other ideas for blog posts which I’ll just be adding randomly, such as interviews, book reviews; discussing various issues related to personal development, motivation or books. That way if someone is interested in wellbeing rather than productivity, they could visit my blog only on Wednesdays rather than keep checking what I post all the time to find something what they like.

Although I’m still working full-time in admin (I’m in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy so a few more weeks and I’ll be on maternity leave!), I manage to get up early quite often (around 5:30 am). However, not to overdo it, I think it is important to take a day off from all tasks and goals once in a while, even if we enjoy them a lot 😉


According to sleep experts, early risers are more optimistic. Going to bed earlier and getting up earlier means that your body is more in tune with earth’s circadian rhythms, what leads to more restorative sleep. Most successful people get up as early as 4-5 am! They feel that they have more time for exercise and family life. Morning people also tend to spend their first (quiet!) hours on goals-setting and planning. Recent studies also have revealed that those who get up early are more likely to anticipate and minimize problems what’s very useful, for example, in business field!

What time do you get up and what time you’d like to get up every day?


Have a great productive day folks!


11 thoughts on “Personal Growth project – week 2

  1. This is an awesome piece.

    The time you wake up determines a lot of things. I actually have a bedtime that I set for myself, so I can wake up as early as 5am or earlier depending on what I need to do.

    You know if you sleep 8 hours everyday that means you have slept 2months out of 6months.
    I know right!

    Looking foward to more amazing posts from you.

    Meanwhile, there’s a new post on the blog, I would love to hear your comments.

    Wishing you a safe delivery!

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    1. Omg! I knew we spent a lot time on sleeping but 2 months out of 6?! It just sounds like a such a waste of time especially if you are trying to be productive haha Well yes, 7.5 hour approx. is perfect for me but now I’m not sure if I should keep counting it this way because I’m pregnant and get up a lot at night sometimes. I dont feel very tired during the day, I guess kind of as usual – ok until like 3pm and then I get tired quicker and need some help in form of a coffee or a tea..

      Do you have children? Sometimes I wish I could go sleep at 9pm but with my little one it doesnt always work haha 😉 so yesterday I went sleep late to do some work but then my morning isnt so structured as it should be. I keep in mind that I have to be quite flexible though, otherwise I would feel so frustrated and stressed sometimes. There is a nice saying:

      We can do anything but not everything!

      I love it 🙂

      Thank you for leaving the link to your new post – I’ll have a look today or tomorrow! 🙂


      1. Yes if you look at it that way. Hehe. Have all the sleep you want ! You are allowed at this point.

        No i don’t have children yet, but I can imagine what you mean.

        Yes yes exactly! We can do anything but not everything.

        I’m sure you are an amazing mom!
        Rest when you need to and try to stay productive and still live life.

        All the best Aggie

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  2. The time you wake up everyday actually determines a lot of things. Like how productive your day would be and how much things you could get done.

    Imagine sleeping for 8hours that’s 1/3 of a day. Meaning you have slept 2months out of 6months.

    I know right!

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to hear what you think.

    Wishing you a safe delivery in advance!

    Looking foward to Happy Wednesday !

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